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OOC &diams Memory the Fifth

[Forward dated slightly to Saturday, May 22, late morning ES time.]

After dropping Aven off in the Section 4 house Innovator had been given, Fred had gone back to their old Section 3 abode to try and find a few last things. They weren't very important, just a few bits and pieces she had found in the Scavengers' Yard, but she would have liked to find them all the same.

Unlocking the front door, Fred picked her way carefully through the living area to reach her room door, avoiding the junk strewn hither and thither across the floor. She frowned. "This place is a bloody shambles. I don't remember leaving it this much of a mess..." Well, at least if the ants had destroyed everything, she would have less to worry about moving. She was confident she could find similar things in almost no time at all; maybe she should just leave, and go offer to help out with the rebuilding.

As she turned to go, she saw light glint weakly off something half-buried in the bed. Curious, she turned back and went over to investigate.

A memory crystal. She reached out, carefully touching one of the metal rings with a finger. Not for the first time, she wondered how the things ended up in half the places people reported finding them... and this was the second one she had discovered in her bed. Very strange indeed.

Fred hesitated for a few seconds, but... the last crystal she had received had been so informative. This one might answer more questions as well. That was most likely far too much to hope for, but hoping for the best was all she could really do.

She slipped her fingers past the rings, and gently touched the crystal.


Fred couldn't see anything in this memory, though since her last one had been the same she wasn't at all alarmed this time. There was a faintly chemical, ever so slightly stale smell to the air she was breathing in the memory, but no real characteristics to it other than that. She could hear her shoes striking the hard surface of the ground quickly—she was walking somewhere, very fast by the sound of it. Fast and confidently, with no hesitation. She was somewhere familiar, or at least well-explored. After a moment she heard the sound of a door being opened, more footsteps, and then the sound of squeaking springs. She couldn't feel anything in this darkened memory, but she was reasonably sure she had just thrown herself down on a bed. Fred couldn't quite tell what she was doing there, but when there were no further sounds from the springs she concluded that she was just lying there, doing nothing. Possibly staring off into space.

There was a knock from the direction of the door, and the sound of the latch working. In the memory, Fred sighed softly. Someone cleared his throat by way of announcing his presence. "Do you mind if I come in?" It was Curly's… no, the Doctor's voice. Somehow, Fred wasn't surprised at all to have another memory with him again, but she did wonder why this memory seemed… different to the rest. The Doctor sounded a little cautious, like he wasn't sure what to say or how to say it.

That struck a deep cord of wrongness in Fred.

The springs of the bed squeaked a little, and Fred smelled the faint chemical tang again as she took a breath. She took another before she started speaking. "**** ***** want me back."

"Yes, well, uhm. You only came to help with the *** ** ****," the Doctor said, as if that explained everything. It might have done, if she had heard all of what he said. As it was, even her memory self didn't seem to think this was a good enough explanation.

"Doctor, I don't want to spend the rest of my life on Gallifrey!" The bed springs complained yet again, loudly. She must have moved suddenly. "After all this!" Her voice caught a little on the words, but she didn't sound like she was crying. Yet.

"Mm, well. You can't fight **** *****, Romana." His voice moved around the room they were both in, but stayed reasonably far away from her. Fred wondered what he was doing… looking at pictures, maybe. Or bookshelves.

"You did, once." The faint sound of footsteps. Was she walking closer to him, or walking away? Hard to say.

"Mmm. And lost." Closer, then. He sounded like he was right next to her now.

Fred took another breath. "Well. There's nothing more to discuss, then." Her voice trembled more this time. She was getting closer to letting the tears out… "We have to go."

"Mmm. I'm afraid so."


Fred gasped sharply as the memory let her go. She found she was sitting on the bed--she had half expected to find herself on the floor, but nevermind that.

That memory... it made no sense. Gallifrey was her home, wasn't it? Until now she had rather thought it was the one place she would give up nearly anything to go back to. And now her memory was telling her that she didn't want to go there? She ran a hand through her hair, wiped at her eyes briskly, sniffed a bit, and sighed. So much for the hope of this crystal answering any of her questions...

Fred rose to her feet and left the house without taking anything with her, aside from the memory crystal. She was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she barely registered it when a deep disembodied voice suddenly burst into a strange, wordless song right near her ear.

{ooc: For the next three days, Fred will find that every so often a soothing voice will sing at her.}

{Sound/smell memory crystal from season 18, episode 3 (episode 112 overall)- Full Circle, part I.}
Tags: *sense: smell, *sense: sound, -memory, -ooc
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