Fred [Romana II] (burntorangesky) wrote,
Fred [Romana II]

OOC &diams Let me stay / Where the wind will whisper to me

She was standing on a hill, looking out over an open field that was deep red in color. Looking down, she saw that the grass itself was the source of the red coloration. Far away across the field there stood a grove of shining silver trees. Above, the sky was a glorious shade of orange, and golden clouds chased each other across its surface. She started to walk down the hill—there was somewhere she should be.

A man's voice murmured in her ear, First things first? But not necessarily in that order!

She flinched and looked over her shoulder, where the voice had come from. There was no one there. She moved forward again.

I do wish you'd stop treating me like a child. It was a woman's voice this time. She started walking faster.

Don't jump to conclusions about anyone or anything. It can lead you astray…

She started to run, the red grass flashing under her feet and her breath coming faster. The voices followed her… or maybe she was running toward them.

The voices were coming more quickly now.

I'm not going with you.
I'll go this way. You go that way.
They're only spiders.
Would you like a…

The voices blended together into a roar of sound, only a few rising above the rest so she could hear the words.

No more orders…
…radial segment of baked confection (this voice sounded metallic and tinny, very unlike the other two voices)
…call that nearly being killed, you haven't lived yet. Just stay…
…real, lawn, or table…

She reached the trees, stopping just past the first few trunks. The voices died away, and the only sound she could hear was her pulse pounding out a double beat in her ears.

Aren't you frightened? She whirled around, but there was no one there.

Yes. Terrified. That sounded like it came from the other direction, but again there was no one there at all.

She took a step back, and suddenly she was falling. She could still see the orange sky and the silver branches of the trees, but they were far away now; she was falling into darkness. She closed her eyes, waiting for gravity to work its inevitable magic…

…call me Fred…

[ooc: Side note- Bold words are the 4th Doctor's voice. Italics are Fred's voice. Italics and underlined are K-9, their robot/computer dog that looks like a toaster.]
Tags: -dream, -ooc
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